• CBD Oil - Miracle Cure or Placebo?

    Firstly I would like to start this article by stating that I am not offering any guidance or recommendations here but just reporting on our personal experiences  of using CBD Oil.

    There are numerous resources explaining what CBD Oil is and I'm not going to bore you here....but let's make one thing very clear from the outset - NOT ALL CBD OILS ARE EQUAL. It may be tempting to go and grab that CBD oil you've seen online at a bargain price but is it going to work for you? Is the concentration correct, does it meet our stringent safety standards? From what we've seen and we've spoken to lots of people, researched extensively, the most common reason people give up on using CBD Oil is that they feel it is not working for them...often because the dose concentration is so weak and they're not using it correctly. Please do consider speaking to a pharmacist who will, from a professional position, be able to give you advice and also explain any likely effect on medications you are taking. Locally I would suggest popping into Gravells Pharmacy in Llanelli and speak with Jamie the pharmacist.

  • CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

    As some of you will know, my wife suffers from Fibromyalgia and has done for the last 15 or so years. At times the pain can be intolerable and the 'fogging' of a very intelligent brain, soul destroying. She has been on a cocktail of prescription drugs from the doctors and whilst they do help. it feels the drugs have stabilised the illness rather than helped her move forward.

    We were very sceptical of whether CBD oil would help her or if it was the latest 'thing'.....however of course it has been around for years but has recently gained in popularity, especially with some high profile TV coverage. After months of online researching, which is fraught with contradictions, we decided to go and visit our local pharmacist who had also done extensive research into CBD and have a chat. We discussed the perceived benefits, any conflicts with prescription medication and how to use the CBD properly, increasing slowly for maximum effect. From a personal point of view I was interested in the high strength CBD balm as a possible self care tool for my aching thumb which is a result of overuse during sports massages.....so I invested in a pot of that.

    So our trial began.....as recommended very slowly building the CBD oil dosage. It probably took about 2 weeks for my wife to start feeling the first effects, a little less aches and pains. As the trial period continued she felt able to gradually reduce her medication (not cold turkey and with the doctor aware). She started to notice the brain fog was clearing, feeling much brighter and able to work for most of a day without the knock on effect the next day. 

    Now several months later, she has dramatically reduced her prescription medication, cutting out one particular drug and reducing the others. She feels brighter and is able to start a gradual exercise regime with a view to exercise endorphins helping too.

    To bring our very limited study into perspective.....yes she still has the odd bad day (but not one after the other), she does get regular massages which we also help her. 

    For us it seems to be working and I'm sure there are people for whom it doesn't ........as time goes on it will be interesting to see how much progress is made.

    Interestingly, I've had several clients discuss CBD with me and I have suggested they go and speak with the pharmacist. So far, the feedback from clients has been very encouraging.

    On a personal note, using the CBD Balm on my thumb has really helped, it is meant to have anti inflammatory effects....for me it is great!!!