• Massage Services Offered by Celtic Massage Therapy

  • Massage has been used for centuries and the benefits of massage were used by the Romans as both a relaxation technique and also to prepare their soldiers for combat……so it’s a tried and tested procedure but how can it help you?

    There are several different formats of massage but its fair to say that most are based on the popular Swedish Full Body massage techniques. Swedish body massage is a lovely relaxing treatment that is based upon slow, deep strokes with the emphasis very much on relaxation. The same techniques with slight alterations can also be used to release muscle knots and slower and deeper working really does target muscles that are causing problems.

    Sports Massage is our most popular service. It’s a slightly strange name really as you can’t massage a sport! However it got it’s name from massage techniques used to target specific muscles used in sports. There’s a fair amount of myth surrounding Sports Massage and one of the most popular is that it will hurt. The truth is there are certain techniques when targeting specific muscles which can be sensitive and be a little painful however in the main, the therapist should listen to the client and adjust pressure as required to keep any painful moments to an absolute minimum. The other popular myth is that sports massage is for athletes only……this is untrue, the techniques used in sports massage are suitable for a wide range of clients.