• FAQ – Celtic Massage Therapy | Lanelli | Swansea

    • Why will I need to complete a Medical Questionnaire before receiving a massage?

      As part of the consultation process it is important that a very brief medical questionnaire is completed (and kept updated on any subsequent visits). The medical questionnaire gathers some basic information about you and asks whether you have any existing conditions which may affect whether you are able to receive a massage and whether any special precautions need to be taken eg if you have a contageous skin condition the treatment would not proceed however if you a fungal infection on one toe, we would just leave out that foot. Any information is stored securely and will remain confidential.

    • Can you diagnose what's wrong with me?

      No, as a Massage Therapist, all our training relates to Massage techniques and an understanding of anatomy however we are not medically trained and diagnoses are best left to the medical profession.

    • I've seen claims that massage can cure cancer and other diseases is this true?

      No. The massage techniques we employ will target muscles and there is no doubt that massage will relax you and are likely to lower stress levels and generally make you feel better BUT massage is a complementary therapy, in other words it works well with traditional medicines and should never be seen as an alternative to traditional professional medical treatment.

    • Do you massage through clothes?

      Most of the treatments provided will require us to massage directly the skin therefore you will be asked to remove suitable clothing to allow for this. At all times your modesty will be protected and any areas not being treated will be covered by towels.

    • Do you accept cards for payment?

      We are in the process of introducing a card payment system, alternatively cash is fine.

    • Do you offer a deal if I book for a few treatments or want to book a few as a present for somebody?

      We do sometimes run special promotions for multiple bookings so please ask, however our single treatment prices are as published. Gift certificates are available via our online booking system.

    • Is Sports Massage only suitable for athletes and sporty people?

      Absolutely not, the techniques used in a sports massage can benefit a wide variety of people.

    • Will a sports massage hurt?

      Certain techniques on some muscle groups can be a little painful, however we will work with you and constantly check pressure levels to ensure you are comfortable. At any point throughout the treatment you may ask us to stop or modify if it is uncomfortable. Rest assured that as a qualified therapist, we have had these techniques practiced on us during training, so we know how certain techniques feel so will work with you.