• It's never been easier to book a Sports Massage

    About 9 months ago, I made the decision to trial an online booking system for my business. The plan was to trial it for 6 months or so and either keep it or ditch it. Many customers have asked why I did this, so here are some of the thoughts behind the decision.


  • Why move to an online booking system?

    There were several reasons why I decided it was worth trialling an automated online booing system.

    The primary reason was to make it easy for you, the client, to book your next massage. With the system I use, you can view my availability in real time and select the best appointment time to fit in with your schedule. Often I am with clients so unable to answer my phone, it therefore saves on the inevitable telephone tennis which occurs when we end up missing each other and leaving messages. Another great advantage for you is that you can book in the evening and at weekends whilst we are closed!

    The online booking system also requires the client to pay a small deposit to secure their appointment, initially a few potential clients were a little sceptical about this. However the advantages are good for both of us - the 'no show' appointments have all but stopped and this is an advantage to me. The advantage to you, is that previously you may not have been able to book an appointment as spaces were taken up by clients who were likely to cancel at the last minute, thereby restricting your choice, but now we have increased availability by weeding out those 'no showers'.

  • Other uses for the online system

    The online booking system also allows us to make available digital gift certificates, extremely popular around Christmas, Mothering Sunday etc.

    When we occasionally run promotions, this system allows us to showcase the offer and for you to purchase in an easy and convenient matter.

    All payments are handled via a secure server third party payment processor and we will never have details of your payment cards. 

    My favourite facility of this booking system is that it fires out a reminder email to you 24 hours before your appointment, several regular clients have commented how this is a great add on and something which they love.

  • Conclusion - is online booking the way to go?

    For Celtic Massage Therapy, I have to say the online booking system has been great and is here to stay. As an add on we can also take card payments in the clinic and I feel the advantages are good for both of us.

    Of course, you can still book in by phone and are welcome to chat anything through, but for your convenience please consider using our online booking system - look forward to seeing you soon.