• It's a sad fact of life but in the world we all live in today, the levels of stress we are exposed to in our everyday lives is on the increase at work and at home.

    As a kid I remember my parents finishing work at the allocated time and then that was it until the next day or after the weekend......however in this IT driven world we find ourselves extending the working day by answering emails, taking phone calls long after the working day has finished.

    Ok, so we can't change the way the world is 'progressing' but we can take some time out to make sure we look after ourselves. Exercise without a doubt is a great way of relieving stress. How about taking half an hour out of your schedule and treating yourself to a relaxing back, neck and shoulders massage? Mobile phones MUST be switched off during the treatment session and the benefits of half and hour's relaxation will last long past the treatment time.

    Get in touch today and take the first step towards treating yourself (and potentially reaping the benefits in your home and work life).